Maastricht City Races 2024


Welcome to our second Maastricht event, after the highly appreciated event in 2019 we have decided to return for 2024 with an urban event on two days!

For 2024 we have doubled the mapped area compared to our last event in Maastricht in 2019; with that addition we are able to provide you a shortened long distance City Run on the Saturday and a Middle distance City Run with WRE on the Sunday!

We are sure you will like Maastricht with everything it has to offer, including of course our both City Run events!

11 and 12 may 2024, MAASTRICHT: be there and don’t miss it!


11 may 2024 – Saturday
17:00 till 19:00
Our shortened long distance City Run in the new added eastern part of Maastricht, including the old historic city part called Wyck.

12 may 2024 – Sunday (WRE)
09:30 till 11:30
Our middle distance City Run in the old historic city center of Maastricht. All courses will visit both the technical and historical parts of the map. For the Elite runners, this day will be the WRE.

All maps will be according to ISSprOM2019-2.


An overview map is available HERE. On this Google map all info will be added regarding to locations of Competition Centers, etc.

We will be using the same Event Center during the weekend!


All registrations should be made in O’Punch, see:

If you only want to join the event on day 1, please use:
If you only want to join the event on day 2, please use:

You can enter a person by using your e-mail, an account on O’Punch is not neccessary!

Children for the string course can register on the day itself.


The following categories will be used at the Maastricht City Races.
Age is on 31/12/2024.

M/W CHILDREN -12 (Age <= 12)
M/W YOUTH -16 (13 <= age <= 16)
M/W JUNIOR -20 (17 <= age <= 20)
M/W OPEN (open for everyone aged 17+)
M/W ELITE (open for everyone aged 17+, Sat: Sprint, Sun: WRE)
M/W VETERAN 40+ (40 <= age <= 54)
M/W SUPERVETERAN 55+ (55 <= age <= 64)
M/W ULTRAVETERAN 65+ (65 <= age <= 74)
M/W HYPERVETERAN 75+ (75 <= age)

Registration fee

Registrations close 01/05/2024.

The registration fee for the Maastricht City Races are stated below.

The categories Children -12 and Youth -16 get a 50% reduction on the prices below.

Normal prices (until and including 01/05/2024):
Both days: €25
Only day 1: €15
Only day 2: €15

Day entry (only seperate courses Short Difficult and Long Difficult) are also possible for €15.

Orienteers from a Belgian club get their invoice after the races via their clubs.

Foreign Orienteers can pay by bank transfer, bank details:

Please note: mcr – name – club – days running (1, 2 or 1/2)


On the second day, we will have a price ceremony for the top three in every category and gender.

Also, there will be a separate price giving for the WRE.

Embargoed areas

The competition areas can be found HERE.

There is NO strict embargo on this zone: moving around to your accommodation, restaurants and shops is allowed. No orienteering of any kind should take place within the embargoed areas until the competition day. Competitors should not gain familiarity of the terrain by walking or running around in the terrain, testing route choices, with or without any map.


Results will be live published on the Helga platform, see: