The KOVZ aims to organize a variety of competitions each year. Members receive a 50% discount on entry fees, except for the 5-day New Year Carnival (Sylvester 5-daagse). Furthermore members get a 100% discount on entry fees when participating in the Dutch Championship Relay and in the Interclub Cup. In addition we offer free monthly training sessions run by our competent and experienced trainers on our own maps.

Our members also compete against each other for the "Gouden Klomp" (Golden Clog). Points are earned by participating in competitions throughout the year. Members receive points based on their performance compared to the winner when completing courses in their appropriate age category. This ensures a level playing field for all KOVZ members. Attending training sessions and participating in the NK relay and Interclub is also rewarded with points.

Many KOVZ members participate in the yearly national relay competition (NK estafette). Members form a team of 3 where a mix of different age categories is allowed. Furthermore, we compete every year in Interclub Cup (we already won 5+ times!) and in the Flemish relay (Vlaamse estafette).

Once a year we organize an orienteering training trip to a foreign country provided there is enough interest. The trip is a mix of orienteering practice as well as free time for individual activities.

Membership options and fees:

Children (18 or younger)         9 Euro per year 
Adults (above 18) 20 Euro per year
Family 27 Euro per year

To help you starting your orienteering career, we welcome new members with a little present.
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