Privacy statement

Due to new (European) legislation on personal data KOVZ had issued a privacy statement. In this statement we mention which personal data we register, why we do that, how we register and protect this Information and to whom we submit this Information.

We register

  1. Name, address, zipcode, e-mail, phonenumber(s): to communicate with our members;
  2. Date of birth, gender, nationality: to classify members for orienteering competition;
  3. Registrationnumber NOLB, SportIdent number, EMIT number: to register members for orienteering events;
  4. Startingdate of membership: for historical reasons;
  5. Membership fee and payment: for Financial administration.

What we do with your data

Your data are administered by our membership administration. Members deliver their personal data themselves when starting their membership and report changes whenever necessary. The data are registered in Excel document on the computer of the membership administrator. This computer is not accessible for third parties and is protected with firewall and security software in order to prevent leakes.
Once a year all members of the board of KOVZ get a copy of the data as mentioned in 1, 2, 3 and 4. The financial manager also gets information as mentioned in 5. They use these data when managing KOVZ, for policymaking, financials, activities, when communicating with members, when organising events, when registering members for orienteering races and orienteering events. The data are kept on their personal computer, not accessible for third parties and protected with firewall and security software. They do not distribute any information to third parties.
Every quarter the secretary and one boardmember gets a copy of the changes in administration on the items 1, 2, 3 and 4 as back-up for the membership administration. They keep this information on their personal computer, that is not accessible for third parties and that is protected with firewall and security software. They do not distribute any information to third parties.
KOVZ members are automatically NOLB member, the Dutch federation for orienteering. NOLB registers all information as mentioned under 1, 2, 3 and 4. Every quarter NOLB gets an update about new members in order to keep the NOLB administration up-to-date. NOLB uses this information for own administration and does not distribute any data to third parties, except to Helga.
NOLB distributes every quarter limited information to Helga, supplier of software for event organisation and registration, with the sole purpose to enable the registration and ranking of our members in orienteering events. Data submitted to Helga are: NOLB registration number, last name, first name, year of birth, club name, gender, category, nationality, EMIT number, registration date NOLB and SportIdent number. Orienteering clubs, affiliated to Helga use these data for registration and ranking of our members in orienteering events.

Termination of membership

Upon termination of membership the data are kept for another two years by the membership administration and will no longer be submitted to the board of KOVZ, NOLB or Helga.

Consultation, adjustment, elimination of information

Every member has the right to consult the data and to ask for adjustment. You can submit a request to the membership administration via the contactform on our website .
Two years after termination of membership data will be eliminated, unless a member asks for immediate removal of the data. You can submit a request to the membership administration by using the contactform on our website .
NOLB and Helga will eliminate the data two years after termination of membership.


All members were informed about our privacy statement on 25 May 2018. New members will be informed when they apply for membership, when they are asked whether they have read our privacy statement and agree. As of 25 May 2018 an English translation of the KOVZ privacy statement is published.


Sometimes KOVZ publishes on her website and Facebook page photographs of its members. The sole purpuse of this is to get to know each other, to celebrate special events or results, to stimulate and strengthen KOVZ fellowship. KOVZ will never publish compromising images.
On 25 May 2018 all members were asked for permission to publish their photographs. If a member does not agree, images will – as far as possible – be eliminated from our website and/or Facebook page and KOVZ will do all she can to prevent publication in future.
Members that object against a published photograph, can send a request for elimination by using the contact form.


It may happen that we have to change our privacy statement. The latest version will be available on our website. In case of far-reaching changes in our privacy policy our members will be informed about this by email.

25 MAY 2018