About us

KOVZ (stands for: Klompen Oriëntatie Vereniging Zuid) is a Dutch orienteering club, covering the south of the Netherlands: Zeeland, Brabant and Limburg. KOVZ counts well over 150 members, of all levels, all ages and various nationalities, most of them based in Brabant.

KOVZ is affiliated to the Dutch Orienteering Federation, NOLB.

Our first activities date from around 1980. Then some military personnel started to organize orienteering events separately from the military scenes and accessible for civilians. In 1990 our club was formalized and named KOVZ. Since then KOVZ had a steady growth: of members, events, equipment and maps.

At least once a month KOVZ organizes an O-training, on a Saturday afternoon, near Eindhoven. You will find the dates on our Training page. Non-members may participate as sort of try-out several times. But after a while we are going to invite you to become a member of our club. If you want to participate in a training, please register yourself through our contact-form as our training is tailormade.
Furthermore we organize 5 to 6 races a year: a night OL in January/February, some races as part of the various Dutch competitions and championships, our traditional Klompen-OL in October/November and one race of the Belgian/Dutch Sylvester competition than runs from 26-30 December each year. Furthermore we organize a two or three day event every 2 years. And every year – if sufficient participants – we organize a training week in a foreign country.

We use SportIdent as electronic punching system.